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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Four Services, 823 People in Attendance, & 29 Salvations: How?

This past week, we've had four services totaling 823 people and 29 confirmed salvations.  Praise God!  How did we do it?

      1. Jesus
I know this seems simple, but it really is true for us.  This is Jesus' church. He must be central in ALL we do.  The moment He's not central, we cease to be a church, and we begin to be a crowd. We believe that church isn't merely a part of our lives, but that every life should be a part of the Church. That means, we don't do church for sport, hobby or out of habit. We are the church, and Jesus spilled His very blood to start it!  This is Jesus' church, and He is faithful (Matt. 16:18)!

     2.  Vision

There are 1,000 things I could say about vision, but what was most helpful to me personally was reading a book by Shannon O'dell called, Transforming Church in rural America.  If you divorce your vision, or lack God-given vision, you'll be dead in your tracks.  Get the book today!

    3. Coaching

It's pointless to make all the mistakes on your own!  Save time, heartache, headache and money and hire a coach TODAY!  Why not put a guy on your staff that has done what you're trying to do? Trust me, it's worth the small investment! I currently have 2 spaces available if you're interested in breaking the 100+ barrier in weekly attendance.  Just send an email to today.  Other coaches whom I love and trust are as follows: Charles Hill and Chad Hunt. I don't know their availability, but it would be worth your effort to look them up!

Please don't spend another second in the land of unfruitful ministry.  God's Kingdom, His people and your time are too important to waste!


Jeremy Schweyer

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